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Who can use the General Library of the University of Coimbra?

The access to the General Library and to the reading and consultation of its bibliographic collections is open and free to the whole university community and general public, with the necessary restrictions to safeguard its heritage.

What are the opening hours of the Library?

During school period the Reading Room opens from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., and during the holiday period, it opens from 9:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5.17 p.m.

The Reading Room of Special and Reserved Estate opens from 9:00 a.m. to 12.15 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. to 5:15 p.m.

Does the Library organise training activities for the use of existing resources?

Yes, it does. The Bibliographic Reference and Information Service is available to organise training activities when suggested by particular groups of users. For that purpose users should contact:

Can I access the collective catalogue of the University of Coimbra from home?

Yes, all bibliographic resources of the University of Coimbra can be remotely accessed at: . Here the catalogue of the General Library can be empowered as well as any other catalogue from any other library.

How can I know if the Library holds a particular book?

The documental collections of the General Library can be accessed and researched via web, from the bibliographic catalogue, a system that allows, immediately, to know if the document exists, if it is available or if it is requested. Nevertheless, the Library also assures a service of Interlibrary Loan. This service is institutional; therefore the users should address the library of their institution to have access to it.

How can I request a book from the Library?

Users must address the service counter and present the card that identifies them as users of the libraries of the University of Coimbra. The requisition of documents is made by filling in a computer form, available in the several existent computers of the Catalogue Room. The same procedure is applicable for home loans.

How can I get photocopies from a document?

The General Library offers a self-service photocopy service through the acquisition of a pre-paid, rechargeable card. The cards can be acquired by the copiers in a card machine. They cost 1€. Each photocopy costs 0.05€.

For further information about this please check the reproduction regulation at

Which documents can I request for Home Loan?

All monographs published after 1971 are available for Home Loan, except for those whose bibliographic or documental value has been classified as not authorised for loan by the General Library.

Periodicals and reference documents (encyclopaedias, dictionaries) are also not available for loan.

Can I renew my loans after the delivery deadline?

No, loan renewals have to be required until the last day of the loan term. The renewal must be done two days before the deadline. We recommend a careful reading of the Regulation for Home Loans in order to avoid the established penalties.

Can I send my renewal by email?

No, all the renewal requests must be done, in person, in the User Area of the SIIB-UC Catalogue,*por , by login in one of the computers available in the General Library.

Can I request in the General Library documents that are deposited in another Library?

No, you can only request books that are available in the General Library.

What can I do to get a copy of a document that does not exist in the General Library?

You must fill in the Interlibrary loan form in the Reference Room of the General Library or send it by email to

Which databases are available in the General Library and in what circumstances can I access them?

In the research computers available in the General Library, as well as in any computer with internet connection to the UC, aside from the bibliographic catalogue, several other subscribed databases are available, as well as many other selected resources. They are open access and can be reached through the research page

There are also databases in CD-ROM: Catalogue of Rare Works of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; The History of Korea, Deutsche Bibliographie, Humanities Source, ERIC (Educational Research), Myriade – Catalogue Collectif Nationale de Publications en Série, BNI-Bibliografia Nazionale Italiana, Humanities Index, Dissertation Abstract on disc, International Bibliography of Maps and Atlases, International Bibliography of Printed Music, Music Manuscripts and Recordings.

As a member of the UC community how can I access the B-on portal? Do I Have to register?

Yes, because the University of Coimbra is a member of the B-on national consortium. The paid resources available on the portal are accessible in the General Library. The access is, therefore, restricted to the university network. The B-on registration is optional, as a user you can access the portal and the basic research functions, as well as to the registration and full text as anonymous.

How can I use the Research Offices – Boxes?

The General Library offers work offices for researchers (Boxes) that may be used according to the regulation available at:

As an external user, can I request documents for Home Loan?

Yes. For that purpose the user should go the General Library or to the counter of any other Library of the University that convey Home Loans. There, the user can make the registration and buy the loan card. The annual fee is 25€.

Does the online catalogue of the General Library include the totality of the documents that exist in the Library?

No. The information concerning the works published until 1957, including, and the ones not available at . Therefore, they will have to be obtained, locally, in the manuscript catalogue. This catalogue is already microfilmed but is still in preparation for consultation via web. The works contained in this catalogue are excluded from Home Loan.