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The main powers of the General Library of the University of Coimbra are:

- The preservation, enrichment, technical treatment and dissemination of its bibliographic and documental heritage;

- Support to university and extra-university teaching and research through the provision of its resources and of a bibliographic information service;

Competences of the General Library:

- Providing the university and general public with the national bibliography contained in the legal deposit;

- Treatment and provision of the doctoral thesis from the University of Coimbra as well as the articulation with the Integrated System of the Libraries from the University of Coimbra (SIBUC) so as to integrate the digital versions in the General Study Archive;

- Participation in the National Bibliographical Database (PORBASE);

- National and international interlibrary loan;

- Dissemination of the publications from its editorial activity;

- Management of repeated works in cooperation with libraries from all over the country that may show interest in them;

- Participation through its Director or Senior technicians in advisory and deliberative commissions in national or international entities of the libraries and bibliographic information fields;

- Technical advisory and logistics for the Integrated System of the Libraries from the University (SIBUC) to which it belongs.