How to apply to the University of Coimbra

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The University of Coimbra has an outstanding academic reputation. Accessible to all skillful and talented students, regardless of their origin, the University of Coimbra offers customized and high-quality education with worldwide renown.

Social life surrounding the University is based on a friendly community, full of resources which are available to all students.

We are committed to ideals of equality and diversity, and this commitment is reflected in our wide range of extra-curricular and social activity offers.

The University of Coimbra guarantees its students an ability to adapt to the needs and dynamics of the new job markets, contributing to a high employability rate.

Are you thinking about applying to the University of Coimbra? Then you should think about the following questions:

Does the University of Coimbra offer the course you want? The time you will spend in the University of Coimbra is very important. Therefore, it is essential that you choose your course wisely.
Do you seek good qualifications?
If you do, you are eligible for choosing a course offered by the University of Coimbra.
Will you enjoy studying at the University of Coimbra?
Do you like to talk about the subjects studied in classes? Do you often talk about these subjects with teachers and friends? Do you like to read about the subjects studied in classes beyond what is strictly necessary for passing classes? Do you like to occupy your time with artistic, cultural and sport activities? If you do, you will certainly enjoy it.

If you answered YES to all of these questions, you should apply to the University of Coimbra.

Ten basic steps to bear in mind:
1Choose the course you want from the menu at the left.
Check the admission requirements and the selection criteria.
Check if the course has any specific admission/selection requirement (Portuguese language test, interview, prerequisite).
Check the application deadlines.
Apply at inforestud@nte, through the menu "Online Applications", at the left side of this window.
When applying, don't forget to attach all requested documents. These documents are necessary for assessing your application (Curriculum Vitae, qualification certification, time and program from other courses, etc.).
To finalize your application, seal it and pay the related fee.
Pay attention to the date of issue of the result list.
If you get admitted, you must complete your matriculation/registration.


See the instructions manual