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Why Bet on UC?

The University of Coimbra has an excellent academic reputation. Open to all talented students, regardless of their background, it offers personalized quality instruction recognized worldwide.

Social life around the University is based in a friendly community, rich in resources available to all students. We are committed to equality and diversity and offer a broad array of extra-curricular and social activities.

The University of Coimbra guarantees its students the capacity to adapt to the changing needs and dynamics of the labor market, reflected through a high level of employability.

Are you thinking of applying? If so, then you should answer the following questions:

Does the University of Coimbra offer the program I want? You will spend a significant amount of time at the University of Coimbra, so it is crucial that you choose the program that you really want.
Do you want a quality education? If yes, you are ready to apply to the University of Coimbra.
Will you like studying at the University of Coimbra? Do you enjoy talking about what you are learning? Do you often find yourself having discussions with your professors and friends? Do you like reading the material taught in class beyond just the minimum needed to pass? Do you like to participate in artistic, cultural and sporting activities during your free time? If you do, then you will like UC.

If you answered YES to every question, you should apply.

Clique para mais informação... Things to remember:
1 Choose your major from the menu at main page of this wesite.
2 Check the admissions and acceptance criteria.
3 Check whether the program has specific admittance or acceptance criteria (Portuguese language test, interview, pre-requisites).
4 Check application deadlines.
5 Apply on-line through Inforestud@nte, by clicking on the "On-line Application" menu on the main page.
6 Don't forget to submit all required documents with your application (Curriculum vitae, diploma, program information and study related hours among others).
7 To finalize your application, click submit and then pay the application fee.
8 Be aware of the dates the acceptance lists will be posted.
9 If you are accepted, you need to complete your enrollment/registration.