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Frequently Asked Questions | Covid-19 | Applicants to UC

Clique para mais informação...Where to find updated information for applicants ?
Information about the current pandemic scenario or other information regarding applications to the UC are published at www.uc.pt/en/candidatos. After submitting an application at our IT Platform InforEstudante, you will receive notifications on the different phases of the procedure or changes that may occur.

COVID-!9 Questions 

Clique para mais informação...Why to apply during the current scenario?
The University of Coimbra is attentive, and has already proved that it is prepared to deal with the current pandemic situation by having ensured the regular services in the last year. Therefore, we ask all applicants to complete their applications within the established deadlines so that we can ensure that all the application processes take place in a normal manner, in spite of the current worldwide circumstances.
Clique para mais informação...How to apply to the UC during the pandemic ?
Applications to the University of Coimbra will take place as expected, in the same way and according to the same calendars. This is because at the University of Coimbra the whole process is carried out online by means of InforEstudante (IT Platform), including the upload and submission of the required electronic copies of all the documents.
Clique para mais informação...Is the UC going to be able to reply to your application even during the Pandemic/Confinement period ?
Yes, because at the UC the application procedure uses only Information technology means. Therefore, in the current COVID-19 pandemic scenario the University is prepared to receive applications from any place in the world and manage them by adopting remote work (UC personnel working outside the UC facilities using information technologies to perform their work).
Clique para mais informação...Can you deliver the hard/paper copies of your documents ?
The UC prioritises the dematerialisation of procedures. Therefore, we recommend the online submission during the application even more under the current pandemic scenario, taking into account that the circulation of paper documents is strongly conditioned, and the University offers to applicants other alternatives totally online.

General Questions

Clique para mais informação...How can you submit your application to the UC ?

The applications are carried out by means of the IT Platform InforEstudante that is available at www.uc.pt/go/candidaturas. The access is done by registering on the Platform according to the information available at the main webpage at “New User?” and “Register”.

  • If you have already been an UC student, use your student number or access key or recover it by means of the link “Forgot your password?”
Clique para mais informação...Where can you find some help or assistance to submit your application ?

When logged in at InforEstudante, select the link “ Help” at the top of all web pages and select the help article related to "Application to the UC" (information available only in Portuguese).

You may also get help by means of the communication channels of the Academic Services at www.uc.pt/en/candidatos/apoio.

Clique para mais informação...How much do you have to pay for the application and how can you pay it ?
At the UC, for the majority of situations, the application fee is 50€. At the end of the application procedure all the information concerning the payment will be generated, including the ATM References to accomplish the payment. The communication of the payment to the UC is immediate, unless there is an exceptional technical situation.
Clique para mais informação...You have already completed your application. What now ?
After confirming all the inserted information, including the attached documents, the application must be “Sealed”. After doing this, the fee amount is generated and the application is available to be analysed by the academic services only after the payment is made.
Clique para mais informação...When and how will you get to know the result of your application ?
The result on the provisional seriation list is published at InforEstudante, usually on the date scheduled in the Applications Calendar of each Faculty.
Clique para mais informação...How to complain about your appraisal’s result ?
If the result is “Non-Placed/Non-Admitted”, and you think that you have a reason to complain about the appraisal, you may exercise this right within the deadline established on the list (usually it is 10 working days) by submitting a complaint request concerning application. Therefore, access InforEstudante within the deadline and at “Academic Service » Requests” choose that type of request.
Clique para mais informação...You were not Placed/Admitted but you want to try in the next phase. Do you need to apply again ?
No. You just need to click the option that enables your application to be carried over into the next phase. The application will be carried over as it is, including the appraisal and will be seriated along with the applications from the new phase.
Clique para mais informação...You have been Placed/Admitted. What is the next step ?
You must wait for and keep an eye on InforEstudante notifications of the deadlines and guidelines on how to enrol and register at the UC. Do not exceed the established deadline because your place will be carried over into the next phase or applicant.
Clique para mais informação...Where to obtain a supporting document of your admission to the UC ?
Immediately after registering at the UC, the multipurpose certificate will be available free of charges, which confirms the registration for the academic year and gives information about the student insurance. If you are a foreign student, you may also obtain the “Acceptance Letter”.