Information for Applicants

Readmission 2021/2022

This information applies to Bachelor (1st Cycle) and Integrated Master’s degree courses. 

Applications Calendar
1st phase from 1st to 30th April*
2nd phasefrom 1st July to 13th August*
3rd phase
from 16th August to 30th September*
* Does not exempt the students from checking the opening notice for the course they want, which will be published soon.


Readmission is when a student, after interrupting his/her higher education studies in an institution/course pair, enrols at the same institution and registers for the same course or a course that may have replaced it.

General Conditions

Students may request for Readmission in a Bachelor or Integrated Master’s Degree Course at the University of Coimbra if:

a) They have already been enrolled in and registered for that course at the University of Coimbra;

b) They have not been registered for that course in the academic year preceding the one they want to re-enter.

Further information ...
Clique para mais informação...Ordinance no. 181-D/2015, of 19th June. It approves the Regulation for the System of Readmission and Change of Institution/Course Pair in Higher Education.
Clique para mais informação...Check the webpage of the Social Services of the University of Coimbra - SASUC
SASUC develop a university social aid within the scope of the University of Coimbra, namely concerning housing/accommodation, canteen, medical assistance, childcare services and scholarships to underprivileged students.

Clique para mais informação...Check the online platform of accommodation of the University of Coimbra
By means of this platform, students who opt to study at the University of Coimbra may choose their accommodation before they arrive in Coimbra.