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Applications Calendar 2020/2021

On this webpage, you will find the Schedule concerning all the phases of application to the PhD Courses at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities including the dates for publication of the number of places and the dates for enrolment and registration. 

Before applying, you must check the number of places available in each phase.

The seriation criteria are the same in all the applications phases.

1st Phase

2nd Phase

3rd Phase

Publication of number of places (minimum per phase)until 10th Februaryuntil 10th Februaryuntil 10th February
Applications deadlineFrom 10th February to 31st MarchFrom 1st April to 15th JulyFrom 17th August to 30th September
Validation of ApplicationsFrom 1st to 7th AprilFrom 16th to 22nd JulyFrom 01st to 07th October
Seriation of applications and award of creditsFrom 13th to 20th AprilFrom 23rd to 30th JulyFrom 08th to 14th October
Publication of the provisional sorted lists of applicants by the assessors *21st April31st July15th October
Pre-hearing periodFrom 22nd April to 6th MayFrom 1st to 14th AugustFrom 16th to 29th October
Publication of the final sorted lists of applicants by the Deans’ Offices of the Organisational Units **7th May24th August30th October
Enrolment/ Registration***From 8th to 15th MayFrom 25th August to 1st SeptemberFrom 2nd to 9th November
Please note!
*The date presented here is the scheduled date to publish the results. However, this date may be changed. Applicants with a validated application receive an automatic notification of the results on the day the provisional sorted list of applicants is published.
**The publication of the final sorted list of applicants depends on the publication of the provisional list, since the former can only be published 10 working days after the latter.
***If the final sorted list of applicants is published beyond the date established for the enrolment and registration, the admitted applicants will receive a notification of the new deadline to enrol and register for the course.

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