Information for Applicants

How to apply to the University of Coimbra?

Application to all courses and programmes at UC is made by means of Inforestud@nte -  the UC academic IT system - that enables applicants to carry out the entire application process according to different systems, including the payment of fees and upload of documents, in a convenient and secure way.

|| The deadline for the accomplishment of applications refers to the local time in Lisbon, Portugal ||
Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4
Choose a course from the Course Catalogue in the UCConfirm deadlines and documentsAccess Inforestud@nte and submit your applicationFollow up on your application at Inforestud@nte
Search the courses offered by UC concerning all degrees in order to choose the best programme for youConfirm in advance the deadlines, documents and requirements to apply to each type of training and contest.
Access to the IT system of UC - Inforestud@nte at www.uc.pt/go/candidaturas and apply following the instructions and help.
Follow up on your application. Do not forget your login credentials and check your EMAIL regularly.
Step 5Step 6Step 7Questions
Check the result of your application on the Provisional List
Check the final result of your application on the Definitive List 
Enrol and register at the UC Still have questions ? Further information ?
If you wish, within the established legal deadline, to access the menu “Requests” at Inforestud@nte to expose your information concerning the result of your application.If the result of your application to the UC is ADMITTED, you will receive a notification of the deadline and guidance to enrol and register at the University.
Congratulations! Now you can enrol, also at Inforestud@nte and complete your registration within the established deadline. Please, pay particular attention to the notices and information provided.form_candidaturas