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How to apply through Inforestud@nte

This site allows you to complete the entire application process for general Program Changes, Returning and Transfer Students, special access competitions for Students Over the Age of 23, Holders of Secondary or Higher Education Degrees, and 2nd and 3rd Cycles (Master and Doctorate).

Inforestud@nte allows applicants to complete the application process in an easy, secure and comfortable way.


The list of accepted applicants can be accessed on Inforestud@nte, in the application area. Don't forget your login details.

10 Things to remember

1. Choose your major from the menu at main page of this wesite.
2. Check the admissions and acceptance criteria.
3. Check whether the program has specific admittance or acceptance criteria (Portuguese language test, interview, pre-requisites).
4. Check application deadlines.
5. Apply on-line through Inforestud@nte, by clicking on the "On-line Application" menu on the main page.
6. Don't forget to submit all required documents with your application (Curriculum vitae, diploma, program information and study related hours among others).
7. To finalize your application, click submit.
8. Use the given information to pay the application fee of 50€, non-refundable.


Be aware of the dates the acceptance lists will be posted.


If you are accepted, you need to complete your enrollment/registration.