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Isolated Curricular Units

The University of Coimbra provides in each academic year an attendance system concerning isolated curricular units that are part of the studies programmes of its cycles of studies in Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD Degrees (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle) as well as non-degree courses.isolated curr units


[1.] Students admitted to attend isolated curricular units are subject to the rules of these units and can opt for accomplishing the assessment scheme or not.

[2.] The assessment scheme is mandatory if students want a certificate issued with their final grade, in case they complete the curricular unit(s).

[3.] The attendance at isolated curricular units, even with a successful academic performance, does not give students the right to be awarded partially or totally with the degree concerning the courses to which these units belong.

[4.] The curricular units mentioned in previous no. 3 are mandatorily awarded with credits in accordance with the law, if their holder has or is going to have the status of student in a course at the University of Coimbra.

[5.] The attendance at isolated curricular units by UC students will be mentioned in the Diploma Supplement to be issued.

[6.] The attendance at isolated curricular units is subject to the payment of a fee which varies per curricular unit and/or organisational unit and is specified at the time of the application.

Specific conditions of each Organisational Unit

How to apply ?

The application is made as follows:

[1.] For students or alumni of the UC with access to the system Inforestudante, application is made by means of the link “Applications »» Isolated Courses” on the left side menu.

[2.] Applicants must select all the curricular units they want to attend, attach the required documents and submit their application.

[3.] External applicants may pre-register in order to access Inforestudante.

[4.] The payment regarding the curricular units is only made if the application is accepted and the student registers for the curricular units he/she selected.

What are the deadlines to apply ?

The applications deadlines concerning isolated curricular unit(s) are defined by means of a Rector’s Order before the beginning of each academic year and usually are the following:

  • First Period for Applications: From 31st August to 20th September, regarding 1st semester and annual curricular units.
  • Second Period for Applications: from 15th December to 15th January only for 2nd semester curricular units.

Application to curricular units in the second period to which the student had already applied in the first period is not possible.

What if the applications deadline has passed?

If you want to apply after the aforementioned deadlines, you can make an application beyond the deadlines, by paying the fee and in case those curricular units still have places available.

  • Access InforEstudante and click "Academic Service » Requests".
  • Select the type of request [Applicants] Application for Isolated Curricular Units, beyond the deadline], read the instructions and follow the guidelines provided.


[1.] The payment of the fee is due to the appraisal of the exceptional condition or the non-compliance with the deadline. Therefore, it does not guarantee an acceptance of the application and does not exempt the student from paying the registration fee for the curricular units whose application may be accepted.
[2.] If the student is waiting for a decision on a request, for example, concerning non-expiration or an excess of ECTS credits, he/she has to decide whether to apply or not in order to ensure the attendance at the curricular unit, in case his/her request is not accepted. The application is not paid.



Each Organisational Unit may define annually which curricular units, in the subsequent academic year, cannot be covered by these attendance system or whose attendance is conditioned, and, in this case, establish the corresponding restrictions, namely (number of places, previous training or other special conditions of access, impossibility of applying beyond the deadline).

  • The application to isolated curricular units that initially are not conditioned may not be accepted if the classes become full due to the registrations of the regular students.

Access General Conditions

Applicants to the attendance at isolated curricular units may be students registered for higher education courses or other individuals interested in these units provided that they are over 16 years old.

Not all curricular units accept applications according to this system and some are subject to admission conditions. Units such as Dissertation / Internship Report / Project Work / Thesis Seminar / Thesis are not eligible for this system.

  • Applications for curricular units which are not delivered in the academic year of the application are not allowed.

Free of charge Isolated Curricular Units


Information to be updated soon.

The Organisational Units may not accept applications for isolated curricular units that initially are not conditioned, if the classes become full due to the registrations of the regular students

  • This application takes place at the time of the annual registration for the cycle of studies