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Independent Classes at UC

The University of Coimbra offers the opportunity to register for independent classes, which are part of UC degree and non-degree programs.

Registration Policy

Anyone over the age of 16 is allowed to take independent classes.

Not all UC classes are available as independent classes and some have additional registration requirements. Only classes taught during the application school year are available for registration.

Current UC Students
 UC students may register for up to two independent classes within the same study cycle of the program they are enrolled in (no. 3 of article 8 of the regulation). Registration in independent classes during the normal registration period requires authorization but no application is required. After the registration deadline has passed, students that want to register for independent classes will need to apply using this Form per the terms of the above regulation. For all other independent classes, an application should be submitted according to the following procedure. When registering for independent classes, students should familiarize themselves with the respective Faculty.
Applications and admissions

  1. Apply using this Form. In some cases, applications for independent classes require submission of additional documents that may be considered relevant. Check the list of classes of each Faculty that require additional documentation.
  2. The time period for applications is set annually, for 1st semester classes and for 2nd semester classes.
  3. Admissions decisions will be posted within 15 business days after the application deadline.
  4. Applications submitted after the deadline shown above, can still be accepted as long as the Faculty has no rules to the contrary. If the student is accepted, a late registration fee per the University of Coimbra fees schedule, will be charged.
  5. Applicants who are accepted will be notified of the decision and registration deadline via e-mail.

Select the desired Faculty and verify if it offers independent classes and if yes, do they have additional requirements. You can also see the cost of each independent class [information in Portuguese].


  1. Applicants who are accepted will be registered in their selected classes by the assistance office after the tuition payment is received. If tuition is not paid within 10 days after notification of acceptance, the registration will be canceled.
  2. Once registration is completed, any tuition already paid will not be reimbursed , even if the student withdraws from the class.
  3. Registration after the deadline is subject to a fee as indicated in the University of Coimbra fees schedule.