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The Centre for Classical and Humanistic Studies (Centro de Estudos Clássicos e Humanísticos) is distinguished by a strong focus on Greek and Latin Philology (in the areas of language, literature and culture). The CECH’s structuring scientific profile in Philology interacts with and is enriched by research developed in those areas of knowledge that, since their Ancient Greek genesis, have contributed to Humanist education: Literature, Philosophy, the Arts and History.

In recognition of the role played by Classical Studies in world heritage and culture, forming identities and alterities in Europe (particularly in Portugal) and other affiliated countries, and due to the Centre’s reflection on the lasting influence of the classical matrix, another key scientific pillar of the CECH comprises the study of Classical and Portuguese Cultural Heritage.

A hub of research and development in the field of Greco-Latin Studies, as well as Medieval and Renaissance Lusophone Studies, the CECH adopts a firm strategy of internationalisation, and is increasingly responsible for facilitating bilateral communication between the North and the South (through the triangulation of Europe, the United States and Latin America) in terms of research, knowledge production and dissemination pertaining to Classical and Humanistic Studies.

The CECH’s mission is guided by the following general objectives:

  • producing and promoting the highest quality research in the scientific domains of Classical and Humanistic Studies (from Antiquity to the contemporary era);
  • producing and promoting essential research, such as the application of knowledge in civil society;
  • contributing to the strengthening and visibility of Portuguese culture and science, structuring research in adherence with competitive international models;
  • promoting academic production dealing with Lusophone studies in an international context;
  • establishing itself as a “scientific hub”, attracting generations of distinguished national and international researchers in the field of Classical and Humanistic Studies;
  • democratising knowledge by providing a service of public dissemination for a culture that, due to the specificity of its material and immaterial realities, runs the serious risk of elitism and the erasure of collective memory;
  • performing outreach activities, contributing to the dissemination of Classical and Humanistic Studies;
  • collaborating with educational bodies (starting with the University of Coimbra Faculty of Arts and Humanities) to offer opportunities for advanced study (at masters and doctorate level), as well as other specialised and non-specialised courses in its chosen areas of research;
  • aligning its research activities, particularly its General and Secondary Projects, with national public policies concerning European and global Research, Development and Innovation, as well as the Strategic Scheme of the Institution of Higher Education which it forms part of (the University of Coimbra).

FCT Founding

In the previous evaluation period (2017-2020), the CECH was evaluated by FCT – the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology – and graded Very Good. For the four-year period 2020-2023 it was granted Base Funding and Programmatic Funding for, with the following references: UIDB/00196/2020 and UIDP/00196/2020.

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