Conimbriga Diripitur: Aspects of the later occupations of a ancient Roman town

José Ruivo & Virgílio Hipólito Correia

23 november, 2021≈ 2 min read


José Ruivo

Virgílio Hipólito Correia


Conimbrica, in pace decepta, diripitur domus destruuntur cum aliqua parte murorum habitatorisque captis atque dispersis et regio desolatur et civitas.

Conimbriga, surprised during peace, is sacked, the houses and part of the walls razed to the ground, the inhabitants arrested and deported, the city and the region desolated.
Chronicle of Hidácio de Chaves

This volume presents the essence of the work of the last two decades in Conimbriga, developed according to careful methodologies of stratigraphic observation, namely of the upper levels of abandonment and rubbish dump.
A neglected period of the city's life (6th - 10th centuries) is thus presented in a new light.

Publication Date

October 20, 2021

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