From food cultures to food cults

Paula Barata Dias, Wanessa Asfora, Carmen Soares & Allen Grieco

28 december, 2022≈ 2 min read


Paula Barata Dias, Wanessa Asfora, Carmen Soares & Allen Grieco


The present work brings together studies by specialists from different areas of knowledge that are dedicated to reflecting on food phenomena from two distinct but intercommunicating axes of analysis: food cultures and food cults. These axes organize the book both from the formal and conceptual point of view, since they reveal the paradox expressed by food cultures as living but invisible forces that participate in the construction of culture (volume I), and, at the same time, by highlighting some foods as objects of diverse forms of cult that emerge from invisibility to stand out as signs of discourses and human cultural practices - religious, ethical, artistic, gastronomic, medicinal (volume II). The richness of the themes that cross varied times and spaces and the multi- and trans-disciplinary approaches make this work an important contribution to the area of Food Studies and the Humanities in general.

Publication Date

28 December, 2022

Available at Biblioteca Classica Digitalia [Volume 1] [Volume 2]