Greek Anthology. Sympothic and Satyrical Epigrams: (Book XI)

Carlos A. Martins de Jesus

25 february, 2021≈ 2 min read


Carlos A. Martins de Jesus (Introdução, tradução do grego, notas e índices)


The 442 epigrams contained in book XI of the Greek Anthology are the best sample of the genre of Greek satirical epigram, from Classical to the Byzantine era. Nonetheless, the anonymous scribe of the Palatinus made an internal division between sympotic (sympotika, num. 1-64) and satirical (skoptika, num. 65-442) epigrams. Full of meaning are his words on these components: “A great use has forever been done of satirical epigrams, since men is so fond on laughing on others and listening them laughing on their neighbors, something I believe that always happened between the Ancients, as the following epigrams demonstrate.”

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25 February, 2021

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