Rhetoric and Poetics

Belmiro Pereira & Marta Várzeas

14 april, 2021≈ 2 min read


Belmiro Pereira & Marta Várzeas


The formalized and effective use of logos is the main point of intersection of two ancient arts that, like so many others, originated in Ancient Greece - Poetics and Rhetoric. This volume brings together a set of articles on the relationship between these two arts, authored by specialists from different areas of knowledge: Classical Studies, Philosophy and Portuguese Literature. The articles cover a wide span of time, from antiquity to the XXIst Century, and address theoretical questions, such as those related to certain concepts - climax, sublime, or even hermeneutics, rhetoric and poetics -; and other practical ones, which consist of the analysis of literary texts in the light of some aspects of rhetorical theorization.

Publication Date

14 April, 2021

Available at Classica Digitalia Series