Ricœuriana 2: Ricœur and the Question of Image

25 october, 2022≈ 2 min read


Patrícia Lavelle, Gonçalo Marcelo, César Correa Arias & Tomás Domingo Moratalla (coords.)


This second volume of Ricœuriana – Coleção da Associação Ibero-Americana de Estudos Ricœurianos is dedicated to the question of image and imagination, which is the topic of the main thematic issue of this book. The issue comprises chapters exploring topics such as critical hermeneutics, metaphoric image and emancipation, all connected with the main topic of the issues, as well as the Portuguese translation of two texts by Paul Ricœur: “From Poetry and Possibility” and “Architecture and Narrativity”. Following the thematic issue there is a section of varia containing a chapter and a book review dedicated to other aspects of Ricœur’s thought not directly related with the main issue.

Publication Date

October 25, 2022

Available at Biblioteca Classica Digitalia