Table of the Senses & Senses of the Table: Vol. I

Carmen Soares, Anny Silveira & Bruno Laurioux

09 march, 2021≈ 2 min read


Carmen Soares

Anny Silveira

Bruno Laurioux


In its broadest sense, "table" refers to universes where products, people and ideas interact. A space for survival, but also for pleasure, education, worship and sociability, every "table" portrays mentalities, serves as a metaphor for values, and opens space for the transformation of those who interact and participate at it. The "table" thus becomes a space for both physiological and intellectual "senses". The "Table of Senses" is born from the synesthetic experience provided by food and the environments surrounding it. The numerous meanings of a cultural, political, religious, aesthetic, ethical, social and economic nature that we recognise inseparable from the table. These "Senses of the Table" are captured and communicated in various forms of discourse (written, oral, pictorial or material).

The present work is organised in two volumes, containing six parts and a total of 37 chapters. The 16 chapters that are part of volume I are structured around three main themes. The sensory perception of food and environments is discussed in Part I (Senses at the Table). The harmonious or conflictual relationship between food and health is discussed in Part II (Therapeutic Tables, Healthy Tables and Unhealthy Tables). The gustatory, biological or economic constraints behind food serve as a pillar for the studies in Part III (Delicacious tables, survival tables and economic tables).

Publication Date

9 March, 2021

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