The Inaugural Speech of Royal College of Nobles (1766)

Correia Martins & Adriano Scatolin

18 january, 2021≈ 2 min read


Correia Martins

Adriano Scatolin


The Italian Michaelis Antonii Cierae utters the Inaugural Speech of Royal College of Nobles, in 14th April of 1766. This institution was promoted by the minister Sebastião Carvalho e Mello, under the patronage of King D. José I. His discourse, written in Latin and structured in twelve chapters, presents several reflections in favor of Arts and Humanities, rethinking Political Philosophy, in a sensible balance between criticism and praise. The main goal is to emphazise the important role of this privileged class and the indispensable encyclopedic education. This is the only way to find the knowledge and skills to develop the society and to honor the responsabilities of Nobles. The eloquence of orator, the argumentative structure, having the ciceronian style as a reference, prove that both at the level of res and verba, this Discourse has a significant relevance for the study of History of Pedagogy, in XVIII, in Portugal.

Publication Date

18 January 2021

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