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Tasting Literature

The Tasting Literature initiative summons the knowledge of literature and history, in the revelation of the flavours of gastronomy. The thematic dinners, preceded by a lecture by a guest specialist, have a monthly periodicity and take place in an emblematic space of the city of Coimbra: the House of Writing.

In each session themes related to the life and work of different authors and personalities of the Portuguese culture and history, or whoever directly influenced them, are addressed. The proposed "trips" allow us to go through the literary flavours from antiquity to contemporary times.

The event allows non-academic public to know through the voice of experts how the history and culture of food are present in the referred works and times. The use of this knowledge and its transfer in a format accessible to the current society is revealed in the elaboration of the dinners’ menus (inspired by the texts of the time) and in the animation that accompanies them (in the form of notes of literature, poetry, music or theatre) usually in charge of the theatre companies Viv'Arte and Bonifrates.

Tasting Literature began in 2014, under the scientific coordination of the founders of the PhD in Food Heritage, Carmen Soares and Maria Helena da Cruz Coelho. Dina de Sousa, from the Municipality of Coimbra, partner institution of the initiative, is in charge of the executive coordination. Two other partner institutions make up the Tasting Literature: the transnational project DIAITA: Lusophony Food Heritage and, since March 2017, the National Reading Plan 2017-2027, called Read + Science, through the initiative Territory Readings.

Admission to the sessions is free, being the participation in the cultural dinner subject to payment and prior registration.

Information and Registration: Casa Municipal da Cultura de Coimbra – 239 702 630

Initiative webpage: https://saboresdaescrita.wixsite.com/saboresdaescrita

Partner entities

Centre for Classical and Humanistic Studies (CECH)

Coimbra City Council (CMC)

Centre for the History of Society and Culture (CHSC)

PhD Food Heriage: Cultures and identities of FLUC (since 2016)

Project DIAITA: Lusophony Food Heritage (since 2014)

National Reading Plan 2017-2027: Project Territory Readings


Carmen Soares (CECH)

Maria Helena da Cruz Coelho (CHSC)

Dina de Sousa (CMC)

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