From food cultures to food cults
Miscelânea de Estudos em Honra de Maria de Fátima Sousa e Silva
Pausanias. Description of Greece. Book III
Ricœuriana 2: Ricœur and the Question of Image
Pausanias. Description of Greece. Book II
Jesuit Coimbra Course: the Commentary on Aristotle's 'De Anima'
Obras de Maria Helena da Rocha Pereira X: Recensões Críticas, Notícias e Comentários
Plutarch. How should young people listen to poets?
The well-tempered Reason: On the Principle of Taste in Philosophy and Other Kantian Essays
Being Classical in Brasil: Literary Appropriations in Modernism and Post
Pausanias. Description of Greece. First Book
Witchcraft and Superstition in the Ancient Mediterranean
Parallel Lives. Cimon and Lucullus
Ilias Latina
Conimbriga Diripitur: Aspects of the later occupations of a ancient Roman town
Table of the Senses & Senses of the Table: Vol. II
Rhetoric and Poetics
The fabrication of Alexander the Great: habilidade política e genialidade militar nas fontes antigas (336-331 AEC)
História Augusta. Vol. II: Lives of Helvio Pertinax, Didius Julianus, Severus, Pescenius Niger, Clodius Albinus, Antoninus Caracala, Antoninus Geta, Opellius Macrinus, Didadumnus Antoninus, Antoninus Heliogabalus
Argonautica. Books I and II. Literary Study, Translation and Notes
Table of the Senses & Senses of the Table: Vol. I
Plutarch. Parallel Lives: Aristides-Cato the Censor
Greek Anthology. Sympothic and Satyrical Epigrams: (Book XI)
The Ideal Prince in the 16th Century and the work of Jerónimo Osório - 2nd edition
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