Survey Analysis - CCC 2023

23 november, 2023≈ 3 min read

The following work is a deep-analysis of the feedback provided by the participants at the Celtic Conference on Classics, hosted in the city of Coimbra in 2023. The scope of this analysis is to design and highlight the strong, and weak, points of the CCC-2023. The conference hosted around 450 scholars and experts in the buildings of the Faculty of Classic Studies of the University of Coimbra in a multi-days event. As far as the 1st of October 2023, 208 participants answered, between them many of the organisers of the 32 panels hosted.

The Google Form used as questionnaire was divided into different sections. The survey questionnaire is presented as appendix to this analysis.

A preliminary question was focused on the idea to come back to Coimbra in 2025 for the next CCC conference to be host in Portugal.

The first section is focused on the scientific production, and the perception of the positive – or negative – impacts of the conference on the own work of the scholar.

The second section of the questionnaire was focused on the perception of the support, the organization, and the venues of the conference.

The third and last section was focused on the two social activities organized: a cultural visit to the University historical UNESCO site and to the Coimbriga Roman ruins, and the final social dinner.

For each section, more information was asked to the respondents in the form of qualitative questions to gain some depth insights on how the participants perceived this enormous event.

We obtained in total 208 responses, after a total of three calls was sent to the participants to obtain the more possible answers. We received 46 responses from panel organisers, with no panel going unanswered by at least one of the organisers.

We are publishing the results of the preliminary question and the first section.

We reserve for the restricted use of the organisers and promoters of the event the answers obtained in sections 2 and 3, since they deal with organisational and logistical issues.

CCC Team members responsible for the Survey analysis: Carmen Soares (Organising Committee) and Davide Emanuel Innace (Executive Committee).

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