UC Women in Science: Carmen Soares

24 july, 2023≈ 3 min read

Carmen Soares graduated in Classical and Portuguese Languages and Literatures from the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra (1993), where she obtained a master's degree in Classical Studies (1996) and a doctorate in Arts and Humanities, specialising in Greek Literature (2001). With her Aggregation exams in the Ancient World, she rose to the rank of Full Professor in 2019.

Almost three decades of teaching and research at UC, her favourite areas of teaching, research and publication are Classical Cultures, Literatures and Languages, the History of Ancient Greece and the History of Ancient and Portuguese Food and Dietetics.

With around 200 published titles, he has supervised dozens of master's, doctoral and post-doctoral students.

She has held various scientific leadership positions. As Scientific Coordinator of the Centre for Classical and Humanistic Studies at the University of Coimbra, she manages a team of around 140 researchers, with intense editorial production, organised into 10 projects, financed by both national and European funds. He has recently been entrusted with the presidency of the Scientific Council of the European Institute for the History and Cultures of Food. For the first time, this position is being held by a foreign national, in recognition of the dynamism she has brought to Studies in the Heritage, History and Cultures of Food.

After creating the PhD in Food Heritage: Cultures and Identities at FLUC and the postgraduate course in Food Heritage & Territorial Development (taught at the Centre for Higher Studies of the University of Coimbra in Alcobaça), she founded and took on the role of Principal Director of the first journal published in Portugal in this area of specialisation (DIAITA: Food&Heritage). Since 2012, she has been at the head of the Luso-Brazilian transnational network DIAITA: Lusophone Food Heritage.

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