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International Classical Theatre Festival

Concentrating its annual events between spring and summer, FESTEA has the Thíasos Group hosting and welcoming theater groups from all over the world. The programme takes place in the main cultural facilities of the city of Coimbra and extends to an itinerary circuit involving schools and cultural spaces throughout the country. In addition to confirming today’s permanence of the greek-roman theatrical repertoire, FESTEA has been an important ally in adding value to the portuguese cultural heritage, occupying spaces such as the Monastery of Santa Clara-a-Velha, the ruins of Conimbriga and so many other places of heritage interest.

Scientific meetings

Parallel to the programming of events, FESTEA maintains an ongoing activity of knowledge construction and transfer around classical theatre and its reception. Each festival’s edition has a specific program of gatherings and scientific meetings that bring together renowned experts and creators in the greek-roman theatre and its recreations in contemporary culture. Some of these initiatives ended in publications such as Hipólito e Fedra: nos caminhos de um mito (edited by José Ribeiro Ferreira, Carlos A. Martins de Jesus and Claudio Castro Filho), which was the result of the meeting held at the Machado de Castro National Museum in 2010.

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