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Crises (staseis) and changes (metabolai): the Athenian democracy in contemporary Times

Project's Reference: FCT/CAPES 2019-20

This project aims to discuss the concept and the founding experience of democracy in the Athens of the classical period and its literary and political reception to date. Moreover, the project is articulated around the identification of a concrete problem: the need for studies that critically discuss, in the context of Portuguese speaking countries, the Athenian democracy, seen as a daily problem and practice, from its 'staseis' (crises) and 'metabolai' (changes), and whose solutions and strategies still contribute to the reflection on the social, intellectual and ethical-political challenges of contemporary democracy. It is thus intended to publish scientific articles in journals of internationally recognized quality, promoting the articulation between experienced researchers and young researchers in formation. For this purpose, it is projected the prior realization of events, in which Brazilian and Portuguese researchers will have the opportunity to discuss the research in progress.