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Worlds and Collections. Methodological and Interpretive Worlds of Musical Collections

The project Mundos e Fundos. Methodological and Interpretive Worlds of Musical Collections is based on a thorough multidisciplinary scientific research work, close to primary sources, which main goal is to transform musical sources into a space for the formation of critical mass and for the appreciation of the Portuguese heritage. It focuses on identifying and studying the musical legacy preserved in archives and libraries (and their social and cultural context), and on training young researchers to being able to work on these sources, philological and musically, making them available to a wider audience. With the conviction that the goals of the project can only be complemented with a full and comprehensive transfer of knowledge, all this research and promotional work, in addition to the usual scientific communications and publications, is materialized through the Série Mundos e Fundos (edited by the University of Coimbra Press, and offering critical editions, rigorous but plural, of Latin and vernacular polyphony, instrumental repertoire and treatises from the 16th to 18th century), as well as with regular national and international performances by the musical laboratories Cappela Sanctae Crucis, Cupertinos, O Bando de Surunyo, directed, respectively, by researchers Tiago Simas Freire, Luís Toscano and Hugo Sanches.

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