The Geosciences Center (CGeo) is a Research & Development unit that was created in 1976 within the National Institute for Scientific Research (INIC). In 1992 it became part of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the University of Coimbra and, since 2015, it has been a consortium of four institutions: University of Coimbra, Polytechnic Institute of Tomar, University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, Earth and Memory Institute. Since 2024, a consortium of five institutions with the addition of the Autonomous University of Lisbon.

CGeo is committed to delivering projects and research outputs through transversal integrated approaches with a special emphasis on benefiting society, capacity-building, and the advancementand sharing of knowledge, emphasizing N-S and S-S cooperation.
The unit is strongly committed to promoting advanced training and mentoring students and ECRs through specialized workshops and tailored mentorship, as well as supporting ECRs' integration into permanent career positions with a financial commitment via FCT-tenure. This enables them to become mentors for the next generation of doctoral students, thus ensuring the continuity of CGeo and fostering a future generation of researchers.

Concerns related to gender equality and inclusion are recognised by CGeo, co-signatory of the Gender Equality Plan published by the University of Coimbra. CGeo follows EDI guidelines that are made available to the R&D units by expert reporting teams of the host institutions (GENDER@UC). CGeo recognises gender equality in science as a priority and is committed to create opportunities and support our researchers to meet these goals.