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Legal and administrative procedures at arrival

Declaration of Entry in Portugal

Non-European Union citizens entering Portugal through a EU border without passport control may need to hand in a "Declaration of Entry" at the nearest Portuguese Foreign Office. In order to do that, citizens have to schedule an appointment within three working days after arrival. 

Please check this page to see if you need to hand in such declaration because failing to do this implies the payment of a fine.

Proof of Address

If you’re staying in an university residence, ask for that proof to the Accommodation Services of UC. If you’re living in a private house/ apartment, ask for that proof to the landlord/ house responsible.

Residence Permit/ Visa Extension

These procedures apply to non-European Union citizens and have to be requested to the Foreign Office at Loja do Cidadão or Casa da Lusofonia. For that purpose you have to schedule an interview 90 days before the expiry date of your permit/ visa.

> Interview appointments have to be done by phone/ Web at

European Citizen Registration

This registration applies to European Union, European Economic Area, Andorra and Switzerland citizens, staying for more than 3 months, and has to be done at the City Hall desk at Loja do Cidadão.

Tax Number (NIF)

This tax number is called “NIF” in Portuguese. This number is necessary in case you have tax obligations in Portugal or whenever a public or private organization providing a service to you requires this number.

In order to obtain this number you should go to a Portuguese tax service (“Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira”). You can find this service in Loja do Cidadão (Citizen Shop).

Bank Account

There are several banks in the city near the University, where you can open a bank account.

Within the framework of the agreement between the UC and the Santander Totta Bank, this bank has offices located inside the UC campuses.

Researcher Card

Researchers registered in the Welcome Centre for Visiting Researchers receive their cards, after arrival, during the welcome meeting at Casa da Lusofonia, as previously scheduled. If you have not registered, please contact as soon as possible.

> Learn more here.

Student Card

If you complete your enrolment and registration correctly and have your photo approved in the inforestudante system, the card is automatically issued. Then, you just have to wait for a email notification telling you where and when you can pick up your card. If you have any problem with the card, please get in touch with the academic services of your Faculty/ Department.

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