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ThEdu'22, Programme

Programme — 11 August 2022

08:55-09:00 — Welcome
09:00–10:30SMT & Automated Deduction (University level) Chair Pedro Quaresma
9:00–9:30On Exams with the Isabelle Proof Assistant (presentation)
Frederik Krogsdal Jacobsen and Jørgen Villadsen
9:30–10:30Invited Talk: Satisfiability Modulo Theories in an Undergraduate Class
Yoni Zohar
10:30–11:00 — Coffee Break
11:00–12:30 —  Proof Tree Builder & Rule Based ATP — Chair Pedro Quaresma
11:00–11:30A Proof Tree Builder for Sequent Calculus and Hoare Logic
Joomy Korkut
11:30–12:00Rule Based Geometry Automated Theorem Provers (presentation)
Nuno Baeta, Pedro Teixeira and Pedro Quaresma
12:30–14:00 — Lunch Break

14:00–15:30 — Proofs in Education (High-School level) — Chair Frederik Krogsdal Jacobsen

14:00–15:00Invited Talk: Computer-assisted proofs and automated methods in Mathematics Education
Thierry Dana-Picard
15:00–15:30A Rule-Based Theorem Prover: an Introduction to Proofs in Secondary Education (presentation)
Joana Teles, Vanda Santos and Pedro Quaresma
15:3016:00 — Coffee Break
16:00–17:30 — Closing and Busines Meeting — Chair Pedro Quaresma
16:00–17:00Closing and Business MeetingJoão Marcos, Walther Neuper and Pedro Quaresma