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UC Cultural Week

The Cultural Week of the University of Coimbra celebrates the University Day every year on March 1st. It aims essentially to promote the many activities developed at the University of Coimbra, integrating them into a common call and combining them with a unique programme in various cultural areas. The 23rd edition is about to start under the theme "Humanidade". 

The event began in 1999 as a "showcase" of cultural events held at the University, but gradually established new partnerships and opened the programming to the participation of external entities in an increasingly significant way, being now an initiative that clearly goes beyond the UC, extending to the city, the country and abroad. The community has fully absorbed the meaning of this call, joining in with open and enriching proposals in a sequence of scientific, cultural and artistic initiatives that are intended to be complementary and integrated.

The current UC Cultural Week , which began to be related to a specific theme since 2004, also extends temporarily beyond the "week" limit, offering conferences, colloquia, book launches, theatre, cinema, music, dance, ethnographic, documentary and plastic arts exhibitions, mobilising thousands of people. 

At the beginning of March, and until the 15th March, the UC and its partners give body and soul to activities that are intended to be lively and motivating, marked by multiple and varied mingling with the university, the city, activities and people.