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Teaching and Technical Staff Mobility at the University of Coimbra

The University of Coimbra is happy to welcome either teaching or non-teaching staff visitors, according to the rules of the Erasmus Programme and in case there is availability in the different Department/Unit to be visited and in case it suits the academic calendar of the University of Coimbra.

Incoming academic staff for teaching (STA)

This activity offers the possibility for a teacher from a partner university in Europe to stay at our university for teaching purposes, teaching a subject integrated in the academic curriculum of the University of Coimbra. For the STA to take place there should exist a bilateral agreement between the University of Coimbra and your university and the signature of the teaching mobility programme form. Teachers have to contact their home universities in order to organize the administrative process (preparation of the teaching mobility programme form, etc.) and receive the Erasmus grant to visit the University of Coimbra.

If you are planning to do a Staff Teaching Assignment (STA) at the University of Coimbra, first of all we advise you to contact directly the Mobility Coordinator of your field of study/interest in Coimbra to make enquiries about the possibility and timing of the visit. The Mobility Coordinator will be the right person for you to organize all the details of the visit (dates, duration and content of the teaching mobility programme) and it's usually the person responsible for the teachers' final acceptance.

Contacts of the Mobility Coordinators: check this page with coordinators by field of study

Contact at the International Relations Unit:


Incoming technical staff for training (STT)

The Erasmus Programme, through the Erasmus Staff Training, offers the possibility also for administrative staff to participate in mobility activities at partner universities.

Visitors who are interested in mobility and international affairs and who work as International Officers or as Departmental Coordinators dealing with these issues at the partner universities are welcome. The Erasmus Staff Week (ESW) offers a unique possibility to get better acquainted and share experiences and best practices with colleagues from different universities.

ESW organised by the International Relations Unit of UC will be announced in this page.

The organization of visits out of the ESW scheme depends on the capacity of the International Office. For that reason we should stress that it might be difficult to fit them in our day-to-day agenda.

In case you are interested in some other field of administration or other unit at the University of Coimbra, please contact directly the units you wish to visit. Your request will be processed faster if you provide the potential hosting units with your CV and Erasmus Working Plan proposal (the template is provided by your home university).

Please note that you have to contact your home university in order to organize the administrative process (application, preparation of the mobility programme form, etc.) and receive the Erasmus grant to visit the University of Coimbra.