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Mailing address
International Relations Unit (location in the Google Maps)
University of Coimbra
Colégio de S. Jerónimo, 2nd floor
Largo D. Dinis
3000-143 COIMBRA

Front-office of the International Relations Unit

Casa da Lusofonia - International Student Lounge (location in Google Maps)
University of Coimbra
Rua do Arco da Traição
3000-056 COIMBRA

Head of the International Relations Unit
Liliana Moreira |

Cláudia Plácido

Casa da Lusofonia Manager
Ana Luísa Campos | |

Establishment and management of international cooperation agreements

Agreements with Erasmus Programme Partners, Brazil and other world regions

  • Ana Filipa Val-do-Rio and Leonardo Cascão

Agreements with African Portuguese-speaking countries and East Timor

  • Ana Luísa Campos

Agreements with the People's Republic of China (including Macao, Hong Kong and Taiwan)

  • Cris Yin

Agreements leading to the award of joint/ double degrees and the delivery of UC degrees abroad

  • Rita Maia


List of mobility agreements available here.

Management of the incoming and outgoing mobility of students, teachers, technical staff and researchers

Incoming student mobility

  • Teresa Silva |
  • Regina Freitas and Raquel Sampaio |

Incoming mobility of academic and technical staff under Erasmus

  • Sofia Jesus |

Registration and welcoming of incoming researchers

  • Regina Freitas and Raquel Sampaio |

Outgoing student mobility

  • Ana Isabel Ferreira |
  • Ana Catarina Duarte |

Outgoing mobility of academic and technical staff under Erasmus

  • Rute Carrington |
Welcoming, integration and follow-up of international students, including refugees

Foundation year, undergraduate and integrated master degree-seeking students

  • Students from Brazil: Adriana Afonso and Isabel Mouta |
  • Students from PALOP and Timor Leste: Ana Luísa Campos |
  • Students from People's Republic of China (including Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan): Cris Yin |
  • Students from other countries: Teresa Silva |

Students with refugee status

  • Márcia Rodrigues |
Development and implementation of internationalization projects and capacity building of Higher Education Institutions

Management of special passport requests

  • Ana Luísa Campos |

Organization and management of joint cooperation activities and tailored training courses

  • Márcia Rodrigues |

Organization and implementation of project activities under Erasmus+ (International Credit Mobility, REALISE Strategic Partnership, CAMINOS Capacity Building, EMMC EuroPhilosophie)

  • Rita Maia |

Development and implementation of marketing and recruitment of international students
  • Ana Luísa Campos |
  • Adriana Afonso e Isabel Mouta |
  • Cris Yin |
  • Rita Maia |

Participation in working groups within institutional university networks

Coimbra Group

  • Teresa Silva (Academic Mobility) |
  • Márcia Rodrigues (Refugee contact point) |

Utrecht Network

  • Ana Isabel Ferreira (Student mobility; Steering Committee) |
  • Regina Freitas (Staff and researchers mobility) |