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Free Mover Programme

Studying at the University of Coimbra as a "Free Mover"

International students from non-partner or from partner Universities, who have already used their opportunity of exchange, have the opportunity to study for one or two semesters at the University of Coimbra as Free Mover students.

Free Mover may choose course units of the different study programmes offered by the Faculties, but mainly from the Faculty where they will be enrolled. Please note that the study plan must also be approved by the area Coordinator.

Free Mover have access to all facilities and services of the University of Coimbra, as other enrolled exchange students.


A Free Mover must have finished at least three study terms at their home university and have sufficient Portuguese and/ or English language proficiency. Also, it is required a proof that the home university agrees with this type of mobility.

The application procedures to the University of Coimbra are done online at It is compulsory to follow the process in our web site. Please read carefully the application guide before starting the application.

Contact persons

For questions concerning the program, please consult the International Relations Unit via


Free Mover are required to pay fees to the University of Coimbra, which can vary depending on the Faculty and the number of chosen ECTS credits. You will also have to pay for school insurance and tax registration (amount approved yearly and published in Official Journal).

The prices per Faculty in the academic year 2018/2019 are:

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
40 EUR/ ECTS credit
Applicable to all course units
Faculty of Law
40 EUR/ ECTS creditApplicable to all course units
Faculty of Medicine
80 EUR/ ECTS credit
Applicable to all course units
Faculty of Sciences and Technology
Several prices
Check this table
Faculty of Pharmacy
60 EUR/ ECTS credit
Applicable to all course units
Faculty of Economics

40 EUR/ ECTS credit

60 EUR/ ECTS credit

1st Cycle course units

All remaining course units

Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences
40 EUR/ ECTS credit
Applicable to all course units
Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education
40 EUR/ ECTS credit
Applicable to all course units

Please note that the prices are reviewed every academic year by the General Council of the University of Coimbra in August. This table will be updated accordingly. Please make sure to confirm the prices with the International Relations Unit contact person.

Organization: dates, choice of courses

In Winter semester lectures start usually in the beginning of September. The Summer semester lectures start approximately in the second week of February. Please find the exact dates in the academic calendar of the University of Coimbra at

Course descriptions

Information on course curricula is indicated on the application guide and updated at:

If you need further assistance with the study plan you may contact the area coordinator for help; the contacts may be found here:

Registration, practical info and academic supervision

After your arrival you should come to the Casa da Lusofonia – International Student Lounge to register and receive all practical information. 

Afterwards you will be able to consult your academic coordinator from your Faculty about course offerings, class schedules and all other questions related to the topic. Please note that the International Relations Unit cannot provide information about academic issues such as course contents, class schedules, etc. After completing the semester we will send you a Transcript of Records with ECTS credits.

For further questions, please contact the International Relations Unit: