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Critical Information Further Explained

A) duration of study periods

The period of studies of an undergraduate student is one study semester. The duration of one study semester varies according to the academic calendar of the host university and may have the maximum duration of 6 months for the purpose of continuing or carrying out further academic activities. This means that the maximum period of 6 months is only allowed provided that there are further academic activities agreed between the student, the home university, the host university and the ISAC coordinating institution.

Reduction and extension of mobility do not apply to the following mobility types: post-doctorate students (6 months), full doctorate students (30 months), sandwich doctorate students (9 months) and academic staff mobility (1 month), though the right to withdraw is safeguarded. In case of withdrawal during the mobility period, the student/ academic staff must reimburse the university responsible for the payment of the scholarship.

B) scholarships
The payment of one-month scholarship must correspond to, at least, a period of sixteen consecutive calendar days.

Undergraduate students receive their scholarship in accordance with the actual duration of the study semester they have attended.

It is recommended that students/ academic staff bring some money with them for the first couple of weeks in order to avoid constraints if, for some reason, scholarships’ payments/ travel costs’ reimbursements are delayed.

C) travel costs
The host university will reimburse the travel costs to incoming students/academic staff immediately upon arrival up to a maximum of 2000 EUR.  The reimbursement will always be done according to the original receipts of the real costs incurred, which can, obviously, be lower or higher than 2000 EUR. If the real costs incurred are higher than 2000 EUR, incoming students/ academic staff must support the surplus on their own expenses.

The travel costs include visa costs and return tickets for the direct/linear distance ("as the crow flies") between, on the one side, the location of home university and on the other side the host university premises. Original proof of travel - invoices, tickets stub, boarding cards, and visa costs’ receipt - will be needed for reimbursement.

Any situation regarding travel costs not foreseen in this section has to be reported to the ISAC coordinating university, who is responsible for analysing the situation and making the appropriate decision.

Please note that FAQ have been updated according to this information.

ISAC Team, 21 August 2009