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The University of Coimbra provides professional internships through the European Programme Erasmus+, and the University's Careers Guidance Office ("Gabinete de Saídas Profissionais"). Established in 1997, this office is especially concerned with helping new graduates from the university to rapidly find appropriate employment. Its intervention strategy involves bringing the social-economic fabric and the university closer together in an effort to minimise the problems arising from the transition from higher education to the labour market.

The operationalisation model for this strategy is based on the following aspects:

  • setting up databases of graduates with a view to establishing a structure of the labour supply;
  • articulating this structure with organisations that employ highly qualified people;
  • providing information and training courses to graduates to help them approach the labour market in an appropriate manner.

Employment offers can be posted by stakeholders and graduates may submit their personal data and CV online at the Office’s website.

For further information on the Erasmus+ Programme, take a look at the European Commission webpages.

To learn more about the University's Careers Guidance Office and make your online registration, visit