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General Description of the University

A World Heritage university looking into the future

University Campus

The University comprises three campuses, named “pólos”. In the uptown central area, there is Pólo I, the historical centre of the University, where we can find the Rectory, the Administration, the Faculties of Law, Arts and Humanities, Pharmacy, Medicine, Psychology and Educational Sciences, the General Library, the Archive and the Botanical Garden. Pólo I includes also several departments of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (Life Sciences (Anthropology, Biochemistry, Botany, Zoology), Architecture, Earth Sciences, Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry), museums, colleges, canteens, residences and many other facilities.

At Pólo II, in the right bank of river Mondego, located in Pinhal de Marrocos, are the departments of Engineering of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (Civil Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Informatics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering), the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, canteens, residences and other research units.

At Pólo III, we have the Hospitals of the University of Coimbra and the Health Sciences Campus with the new buildings of the Faculties of Medicine and Pharmacy, the Institute of Nuclear Sciences applied to Health, one student residence, one canteen, as well as a series of research centres and other facilities useful in the students’ daily life.

Besides these three pólos, there are more two Faculties that are part of the University, namely the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education, in the left bank of river Mondego, at the Pavilion III of the University Stadium, and the Faculty of Economics, in the uptown area, at Casa dos Limas.

Check the location of our campuses here.

Pólos da UC