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ERSE and EfS-UC sign a protocol for the development of energy studies

31 may, 2021
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On World Energy Day´s eve, May 28, at 12 noon, in the Sala do Senado, the ERSE (Regulatory Entity for Energy Services) and UC (University of Coimbra), through the Initiative Energy for Sustainability (EfS) of the Interdisciplinary Research Institute, signed a Memorandum of Understanding between the two entities, to be developed in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

Through the EfS Initiative and since 1996, the UC has a historical partnership with the Energy Services Regulatory Entity,  not only in student co-orientations but also in liaison activities that have involved different bodies of the two entities. Currently, ERSE is part of the External Advisory and Assessment Council (CEAA) of the EfS Initiative, so it regularly participates in interventions in events, dissertations, and academic final tests and likewise. Also, we have former UC students working at ERSE. Both the EfS Initiative and ERSE develop initiatives in their current activity that may benefit from partnerships in which ERSE employees or UC professors also intervene.

"At the University of Coimbra, sustainability is not in fashion, it has always been a concern", underlined the Rector, Amílcar Falcão, at the ceremony to formalize the connection between the UC (through the Energy for Sustainability Initiative (EfS) of the Research Institute) Interdisciplinary) and ERSE- "a connection that, although not new, is renewed".

This Protocol, which formally aims to materialize a long journey of great proximity, involves a plan of cooperation activities that will be organized around academic and training partnerships, internships, and interventions in events organized by the two entities on the themes of Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energies, Energy Storage, Energy Markets, Energy Demand Management, Distributed Energy Resources, among other activities.

"I hope that this collaboration can still be enhanced and that the first set of actions means the seed of another type of initiative", said the Coordinator of the Energy for Sustainability Initiative, Manuel Gameiro da Silva.

"I want to express our total commitment and willingness to quickly implement new activities. We have the expectation and the willingness to cross our regulatory practice with your scientific thinking, our most monothematic specialty with your interdisciplinary knowledge; our young age with your secularity ", declared the President of the Board of Directors of ERSE, Maria Cristina Portugal.

The Memorandum of Understanding was formally signed by Professor Doctor Amílcar Falcão, Rector of UC, and by Doctor Cristina Portugal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ERSE. In sequence, the Cooperation Activities Plan, ERSE - UC, 2021-2023, was signed by Professor Doctor Manuel Gameiro, Coordinator of the Energy for Sustainability Initiative (representing UC), and Doctor Isabel Apolinário (representing ERSE).

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