Lecture by Dr. Roy Baria | Engineered Geothermal Systems – state of the art

Publication date: 14-03-2014 13:09

Url: http://www.egs-energy.com/


A lecture entitled "Engineered Geothermal Systems - state of the art"(*), presented by Dr. Roy Baria, will take place next Tuesday, March 18th, at 11:00 a.m in room 3.5 of the Department of Mechanical Engineering (UC, Polo II).

Admission is free.

Dr. Roy Baria is a prominent researcher with vast experience, over 3 decades, in the development and coordination of projects in the area of geothermal energy at great deep. He is the Technical Director and co-founder of EGS Energy Ltd. (http://www.egs-energy.com/).

Geothermal energy is one of the renewable energy sources of high potential, but still relatively exploited. Apart from the globally interest, this topic is of particular interest to various fields of Engineering and Initiative EfS community - Energy for Sustainability:students, researchers and teachers .

(*)EGS = Engineered Geothermal Systems: is the term for geothermal systems that take advantage of high enthalpy geothermal energy contained in rock mass at great depth.