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The UC Job Fair

The UC Job Fair takes place every year. For two days you can get to know the job market by contacting numerous companies, participating in recruitment processes, validating the way you build your CV.

At the UC Job Fair you can participate in:

    1. Conferences, held by experienced speakers and with great knowledge on the subject of employability;

    2. CV construction workshops, professional interviews and cover letters;

    3. Companies Space, intended for interaction with visitors. This space allows companies to meet future UC candidates, share their reality with them, carry out recruitment dynamics and provide clarification on internship opportunities;

    4. Presentation and / or recruitment sessions, organized by recruitment areas and conducted, in the great majority, by the entities present at Companies-Space.

    5. Dinner talk with a CEO, an informal space for conversation between students / graduates from UC and administrators of renowned companies.

    UC Career Week

    To enhance the acquisition of skills that improve students' employability, each year, in each of the 8 Colleges, Career Week promotes:

    1. Conducting CV construction workshops, interview simulation, soft skills promotion (personal and relationship skills) and personal marketing;

    2. The presence of companies, professionals and former students.

    Career Week allows students to build or adjust their CV in a very personalized way and adjusted to their real areas of interest. Sometimes, these sessions also involve teachers or former students who give very important “tips” on how to prepare the CV.

    The technicians of human resources companies that participate are especially competent in the training areas of each session. Often, this interaction makes possible to immediately identify potential recruitment by these companies.

    Presentation of companies

    Open Day


    Job Talks