3rd Assembly Meeting

17 may, 2024≈ 2 min read

The third Assembly Meeting of the EOLinPLACE Project took place between 12 and 15 May 2024 in Barcelona (Spain), at Caixa Forum LaCaixa Foundation, Palau Macaya. The meeting was attended by senior researchers, doctoral students, consultants Julia Downing (Pediatric Palliative Care expert and ICPCN representative) and Jorge Soares (ethical consultant), as well as representatives of the Eurocarers (Stecy Yghemonos) and IAPO (Antónia Gama) associations. We had the privileged presence of Dirk Hadrich (Policy and Programme Officer at the European Commission) and researcher Maja Furlan de Brito (researcher at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Coimbra).

This meeting allowed the team to analyse progress in the different working groups, reflect on the challenges so far and plan for the future. We thank everyone for their cooperation.