EOLinPLACE @ SICO 10 Years Meeting

22 may, 2024≈ 2 min read

On May 21st 2024, at the invitation of the General Directorate of Health, Sílvia Lopes took part in the "SICO 10 Years Meeting - Knowing to inform, informing to prevent". The aim of the meeting was to reflect on SICO's achievements over the decade, to promote collaboration and closer ties between the organisations involved, to explore opportunities for technological and methodological innovation to improve SICO's efficiency and quality, and to stimulate debate on future development needs, taking into account new trends in public health.

In her talk at the session under the title "Mortality surveillance and health research", she discussed the importance of place of death research for public health and recent evidence from Portugal on this topic. A study published in January of this year showed that Portugal has a high frequency of people with place of death at the hospital or other health institution (62.7 %; 47.5 % for all 32 countries studied), as opposed to other places such as home, for instance. This study was developed as part of the EOLinPLACE project, funded by the European Research Council, and can be reviewed here.