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The Department of Earth Sciences (DCT) of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology of the University of Coimbra (FCT UC) has been implementing its Quality policy, supported by the system that supports the institution's global management, promoting processes of planning, monitoring, evaluation and improvement, with the objective of producing information to support decision-making, thus contributing to the promotion of a culture of quality, as enshrined in its UC Statutes (portuguese version).

The Management System of the University of Coimbra (SG.UC), which is promoted within the Department through the SG.UC Manual, encompasses an articulated set of processes, documents, information systems and other instruments to support planning, execution, monitoring, evaluation, analysis and improvement of the activities carried out, with a view to the overall satisfaction of the different stakeholders, with the main objective of the institution's excellence in all areas of activity.

This system ensures, in an internal aspect, the promotion of process improvement and, in an external aspect, seeks to comply with the requirements for reporting its performance to Society, an essential aspect within the scope of the functioning of higher education institutions (HEIs), as indicated in the aforementioned document Manual of the SG.UC and also defined in the Strategic Plan (19/23) and also in line with the Plan for the Prevention of Risks of Management, Corruption and Related Infractions.

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Quality Facilitator (DCT-FCTUC) - Mario Coelho (mcoelho@uc.pt)