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In the Earth Sciences Department research is developed in multiple domains. From geological processes associated to internal/external dynamics of the Planet, to prospection and sustainable exploitation of geological resources (mineral, energetic and hydric, superficial or subterranean). Environmental questions related with evaluation and mitigation of impacts as a result from the Earth’s dynamic or human activity, spatial planning, the search for alternative energy sources, such as geothermal energy, the geotechnical support of civil engineering projects, are just other thematic areas of research conducted in the Earth Sciences Department. Geodiversity, geological heritage, the use of new technologies as a means of communication and teaching geosciences, have been also an interest of the researchers.

The investigators conduct their activities in multiple research centers recognized by the Foundation for Science and Technology, the organization within the Ministry of Science, Technology and Higher Education in Portugal which evaluates and funds scientific research activities.

Geosciences CenterEarth and Space Research CenterMarine and Environmental Sciences Center

Centre for Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Processes

Centre for Social Studies