Department of Earth Sciences

Laboratory of Hydrogeology

The Laboratory of Hydrogeology of the University of Coimbra aims to promote the learning of fundamental theoretical concepts and methodologies for the study of surface and groundwater, its quality, mode of circulation and relation with the geological environment. At the same time supports the research of the teaching staff of the Department of Earth Sciences.


Coordenator: José Manuel Azevedo

Emailjazevedo@dct.uc.ptTelefone(+351) 239 860 545


Presentation of theoretical and practical classes in Hydrogeology, Operational Hydrogeology, Water Resources, Experimentation in Geology and Environmental Geology;

Supports the development of research activities;

Calibration and maintenance of field equipment;

Support of dissemination actions developed by the DCT.


Laboratory model for hydraulic tests

Spectrometer Hach DR/3

Current meter SEBA F1

Multi Range Portable Turbidity Meter HANNA HI-93102

Conductivity meter WTW Cond 330i

Multi-parameter sensor Eijkelkamp

Honda Pump