Department of Earth Sciences

Laboratory of Chemistry

The Laboratory of Chemistry of the Department of Earth Sciences (FCTUC) aims to support the experimental activities integrated in the master's and doctoral courses taught or supported by the Department of Earth Sciences of the University of Coimbra, enabling at the same time, the scientific research of the faculty staff of the DCT, serving as the basis for launching several externally funded research projects.

Despite its strong didactic nature, it also enables the provision of services with the preparation of technical reports and opinions requested by companies, institutions or the community in general.

The work areas for which it is focused are related to the quantitative chemical analysis of waters, soils, rocks, minerals and biological material (vegetal and animal).


João António Mendes Serra PratasEmailjpratas@ci.uc.ptTelefone(+351) 239 860 574
Maria Manuela da Vinha Silva
Telefone(+351) 239 860 556


Sample collectors

Sample preparation mills

Microwave Digestion System

UV-Visible Spectrophotometry Equipment


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (AAS) by flame

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry (HGAAS) by hydrides

Atomic absorption spectrophotometry with graphite chamber (GFAAS)

Prototypes for static and dynamic decontamination tests by phytoremediation

ICP-OES Spectrometer

Ion Chromatograph

UV-Visible Spectrometer

Bench and portable pH meters

Conductivity Meters

Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Eh Meters

Multiparameter meter

Water and sand bath


Stoves and muffle

Bunsen nozzles and burners

Precision and other scales

Vacuum water filtration system

Water Demineralizer

Ultrapure water collection system


Provision of Services

Laboratory tests include:

Chemical analysis of trace elements in different materials (soils, waters, rocks, biological material, ores)

Mineralogical analysis of panning concentrates

Field surveys and sampling for the characterization of contaminations.


Technical opinions and reports