19 February, 2024
Science at DCT: Do you know this series?
15 February, 2024
Presentation of the volumes on the Stratigraphic Division Tables (Earth Science Thesaurus) - Prof. Lemos de Sousa
22 January, 2024
UC welcomes international researchers for course on radon monitoring, prevention and remediation measures in buildings
17 January, 2024
General Directorate of Energy and Geology - jobs in the senior technician career/category
17 January, 2024
António de Brum Ferreira Prize for Doctoral Research in Geomorphology
28 December, 2023
07 December, 2023
Course Management and Coordination (2023/2025)
29 November, 2023
Swearing of the new Director of the Department of Earth Sciences (DCT-FCTUC)
21 November, 2023
XXIX Coimbra Minerals, Gems and Fossils Fair - November 24, 25 and 26, 2023
21 November, 2023
DCT's eoLab led workshop in partnership with UT Austin and the UT Austin Portugal program
20 November, 2023
Field trip | Master's in Geosciences and Master's in Geological Engineering and Mining (11/17/2023)
16 November, 2023
Science at DCT: The dynamic nature of theThe dynamic nature of the geological heritage of the geological heritage of the island of Fogoilha do Fogo | Geological heritage and Geoeducation - ChallengesGeoeducation - Challenges and opportunities
27 October, 2023
Magnetism in Portugal 2024 – School of Metrology in Magnetism, 1-2 February, IST-CTN, Bobadela
27 October, 2023
IGCP 636: Geothermal resources for energy transition
19 October, 2023
12-month Research Grant, with the work to be developed at CITEUC
10 October, 2023
XXIX Coimbra Minerals, Gems and Fossils Fair
04 October, 2023
GEODES Project
02 October, 2023
Science at DCT - Scientific portraits of oceanographic campaigns - Prof. Pedro Costa
21 September, 2023
Science Class Session today, September 21st, at 3:00pm, with the participation of a DCT teacher
11 September, 2023
DCT students participate in an oceanographic cruise in the North Sea
08 September, 2023
Researcher at the Geosciences Center of the Department of Earth Sciences (DCT) wins ERC grant of 2.5 million euros
25 August, 2023
Degree in Geology, 1st year, 1st time
20 July, 2023
The XI National Congress of Geology ended today
18 July, 2023
XI National Congress of Geology.
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