23 january, 2023
Deadline for submitting abstracts to the XI National Congress of Geology
23 january, 2023
Lecture "Self-combustion of Coal Heaps in Poland - Case Studies"
20 january, 2023
New Erasmus Mundus Master in Planetary Geosciences
10 january, 2023
Seminar on Precipitation Estimates in Complex Terrain, January 11, 2023, 16:30-17:30, online
06 january, 2023
A3ES accreditation of DCT-FCTUC courses
06 january, 2023
The Polícia Judiciária is recruiting candidates for Inspectors, Scientific Police and Security Specialists
05 january, 2023
Digital platform - Job Teaser
27 december, 2022
Researcher at DCT-UC discovers new species of conifer from the Cretaceous
15 december, 2022
Geophysics Department Seminar - Magnetism of speleothems: advances and perspectives
14 december, 2022
Field trip to the Panasqueira Mine
13 december, 2022
Geophysics Department Seminar - The sedimentary record of Deccan volcanism and their contribution to the K-Pg boundary mass extinction
09 december, 2022
Master's student and DCT teacher participate in an oceanographic campaign in the Shetland Islands (Scotland)
09 december, 2022
Erasmus Mundus Master in Planetary Geosciences
02 december, 2022
23 november, 2022
23 november, 2022
RISK C - Applications until 4/12
15 november, 2022
Cycle of Lectures as part of the Commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the creation of Engineering at FCTUC (1972-2022)
09 november, 2022
Field trip from the discipline of Sedimentology
08 november, 2022
Joint field trip with students from the Master in Geosciences and Master in Geological and Mining Engineering
22 september, 2022
Visits to springs and water courses in Coimbra
21 september, 2022
Students of the DCT Master's program in Geosciences receive training in a workshop on 'X-ray tomography applied to tsunami deposits'
20 september, 2022
UC Masters in Geosciences students participated in the 17th Castle Meeting - New Trends on Paleo, Rock and Environmental Magnetism, Trakoscan
16 september, 2022
Opening of a PhD Scholarship
15 september, 2022
Graduated by the DCT-UC gives an interview about her academic and professional career
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