21 September, 2023
Science Class Session today, September 21st, at 3:00pm, with the participation of a DCT teacher
11 September, 2023
DCT students participate in an oceanographic cruise in the North Sea
08 September, 2023
Researcher at the Geosciences Center of the Department of Earth Sciences (DCT) wins ERC grant of 2.5 million euros
25 August, 2023
Degree in Geology, 1st year, 1st time
20 July, 2023
The XI National Congress of Geology ended today
18 July, 2023
XI National Congress of Geology.
07 July, 2023
Explorer Program | Applications open until September 1st
28 June, 2023
Casa de Artes hosts exhibition on the presence of Neanderthals in the region
27 June, 2023
Pedagogical quality - completion of the pedagogical survey to students
23 June, 2023
International Seminar "The diversity of the geological and biological heritage of the municipality of Odemira
22 June, 2023
Theoretical-practical course on Radon – 2nd edition
15 June, 2023
Swearing in of the New NG/AAC Governing Bodies for the 2023/2024 term
07 June, 2023
PhD student in Geology at USp wins Fulbright Scholarship for Research with the support of the Regional Government of the Azores
01 June, 2023
Study led by the University of Coimbra obtains a model that allows analysis of the paleoclimatic evolution of Mars
30 May, 2023
UC warns of risks in the self-combustion of mining waste
29 May, 2023
Santander Mobility CPLP Scholarship Program 2023
29 May, 2023
Visit to Tamajón Natural Park, Spai
26 May, 2023
A3ES accreditation of DCT-FCTUC course (MEBG)
22 May, 2023
A professor from the DCT-FCTUC guided, on April 14, the field trip entitled “Climate changes throughout Earth's history. Learning with the Portuguese Jurassic", at the XII Congress of the Portuguese Association of Biology and Geology Teachers
17 May, 2023
Webinar: Working in European Institutions: your future can pass through here!
15 May, 2023
New species of the extinct family of conifers Cheirolepidiaceae, which was dedicated to Prof. doctor Pedro Morgado Dinis (DCT-UC)
11 May, 2023
Almina S.A. promotes Professional Internship - IEFP (9 months) in the Production area - Mine
10 May, 2023
Call for Applications - Master in Geological and Mining Engineering (FCTUC)
05 May, 2023
Applications are open for the Master's in Biology and Geology Teaching in the 3rd cycle of Basic Education and in Secondary Education at UC!
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