Research Centers

In the Department of Earth Sciences, research is carried out in various scientific fields, from the study of geological processes associated with the internal and external dynamics of Planet Earth, to the exploration and sustained exploitation of geological resources (minerals, energy and water, surface and underground) . Environmental issues, namely those related to the assessment and minimization of impacts resulting from the dynamics of planet Earth or human activities, planning and land use planning, the search for alternative sources of energy, such as geothermal energy, support for the construction of engineering works in the geotechnical component, are other examples of thematic areas of interest in the research carried out in the Department of Earth Sciences. Geodiversity, geological heritage, the use of new technologies as a new form of communication or teaching in geosciences, have also been deserving the interest of several researchers.

The researchers of the Department of Earth Sciences develop their activities in several research centers recognized by the Science and Technology Foundation.