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Earth Observation Laboratory

About the Lab

The Technological Platforms of the University of Coimbra are “an instrument, always based on the knowledge that the UC holds and its technological component, sometimes unique, to respond to the needs of society”, defends the Vice-Rector for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the University. of Coimbra, Luís Simões da Silva.

EOLab will act in the development of information products and services, the consultancy to activate the use of geospatial data and the training of teams and individuals for the use of geospatial data.

In this way, there will be a strengthening of the operationalization of the research carried out by the team in recent years, which has obtained wide recognition through scientific production, secured international funding and integration in leadership networks in the sector.

The platform's director, Vasco Mantas, also recognized that the ongoing space race, and the change in the paradigm in the use of space resources must always have as a background a contribution to sustainable and inclusive development, leaving no one, nor any region back. EOLab will also invest heavily in strengthening capacity building and developing sustainable solutions for regions, or focused on underrepresented groups.

More information can be consulted by clicking on the link to the EOLAB website and Centre for Earth and Space Research of the University of Coimbra (CITEUC).

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