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Paleomagnetism Laboratory

Eric Claude Font
Coordinator of the Paleomagnetism Laboratory
Joana Paula Machado Ribeiro
Coordinator of the Paleomagnetism Laboratory

The Paleomagnetism Laboratory located on floor 0, door 14 of the UC Department of Earth Sciences, allows the measurement of the magnetic properties of rocks within the scope of teaching, research and service provision activities. The laboratory was built in a magnetically stable environment, with non-magnetic material and benches (beech wood), and has equipment for measuring magnetic susceptibility (MS2, Bartington), a Minispin magnetometer (Molspin), a field demagnetizer alternator coupled to an anhysteretic field magnetizer (Molspin) and a high field magnetizer to obtain an isothermal remnant magnetization (IRM) curve (IM-10, ASC Scientific). The teaching activities are developed within the scope of the curricular units of Degree (Internship, Tectonics, Sedimentology) and Master's (Geological Structures and Geophysical Interpretation). Within the scope of research, magnetic data have applications in the area of ​​geomagnetism (variation of the terrestrial magnetic field recorded in rocks), tectonics (paleogeographic reconstructions), sedimentology, the environment (pollution of anthropogenic origin) and climatology.

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