AHEAD OF ITS TIME 1290 – 2020

A place of commitment, respect, learning, discovery and innovation

The Department of Life Sciences (DCV) brings together teaching and research in the areas of Anthropology, Ecology, Molecular and Cellular Biology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Microbiology. With 140 Professors and PhD Researchers, DCV holds three Graduations, eleven Masters and three PhD Programs.

Annually about 120 Master's dissertations and 20 PhD theses are concluded. International meetings are organized and Global Research Projects are developed. Presently, the DCV provides training to approximately 750 undergraduate students, 350 Master's students and 120 PhD students.

Through mobility programs, it receives about 75 students of 25 countries from five continents.

Supported by 9 research centres, DCV has an international network of collaborations and projects. Annually, DCV Professors and Researchers are authors of 300 scientific articles indexed on the Web of Knowledge.