1st Cycle courses

The Department of Life Sciences offers 3 degrees: Anthropology, Biology and Biochemistry.

DCV students can add to their main education (degree/major) a second area of ​​secondary education (minor/minor). A Minor is made up of a set of curricular units from another degree that allow the expansion of acquired skills, thus reinforcing preparation in specific areas, also increasing skills and possibilities in the labor market.

A degree with a Minor is composed of at least 30 optional ECTS (5 optional subjects) in a given scientific area, in addition to the 150 mandatory ECTS of the degree. For example: degree in Anthropology with Minor in Biology, or Biochemistry, or Geology, or Chemistry, or Biophysics, or Entrepreneurship, or Geological and Mining Engineering, or Physics, or Space Sciences. Degree in Biology with Minor in Biochemistry, or Anthropology, or Geology, or Chemistry, etc. Degree in Biochemistry with Minor in Biology, or Anthropology, or Geology, or Chemistry, etc.

Practical classes

Despite the pandemic, in-person practical classes were held at the Department of Life Sciences, taking into account the conditions required for this purpose.

Academic calendar

Consult the ACADEMIC CALENDAR approved by the University of Coimbra for the academic year 2022/2023.


Testimonials from portuguese and international students on the reasons for their choices in Coimbra, the University and the Department of Life Sciences.

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